Construction of the Project began in 1906 with the A Canal, which was completed in 1907. Late in 1909, 23.5 miles of main canal and 47 miles of laterals were in operation and delivering water to over 21,000 acres. In 1910, canals and laterals increased to 143 miles serving over 23,000 acres. Construction of the distribution and drainage systems continued through 1917. In March 1917, the first public lands within the Project were homesteaded. After 1918, canals, laterals and drains were enlarged and improved. On December 8, 1917 the voters approved the formation of Klamath Irrigation District (KID) and on July 6, 1918, KID entered into a contract with the United States for the repayment of the costs of certain Project works. In November of 1954, KID entered into an amendatory contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) that provided for KID to assume operation and maintenance of the A, B, C, D, E, F, G Canals, the C-G cutoff and all their related distribution, drainage and pumping plants. Under this contract, KID is not only required to serve water to lands within its boundaries but also to serve water to other water users located within and outside of its boundaries which includes Klamath Basin Improvement District (KBID) and individual Warren Act Contracts. Of the total 59,850 acres, approximately 53,638 acres of irrigated or irrigable acres are within boundaries of KID including KBID and Warren Act Contracts.


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