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Assessments for Klamath Irrigation District (KID), Klamath Basin Improvement District (KBID), Group E contracts and some Warren Act contracts are all processed through the KID office. KID and KBID are on different billing cycles.  Warren Act and Group E contracts are on the same billing cycle, but are on a different cycle than KID and KBID.  The following table shows when the bills are mailed out and when they are due.

District and Contracts                                                    Billing Date                                         Due Date

KID assessments

December 1st

March 1st of the next year

KBID assessments

December 15th

February 2 of the next year

Warren Act Contracts

March 1st

April 1st of the same year

Group E Contracts

March 1st

April 1st of the same year

It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LAND OWNER to provide current ownership and address information.  Forms to make these changes are available at the KID office or they can be downloaded HERE.

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